Welcome to the city of Megacity. A prosperous city full of fun, laughter and, above all else peace. And, oh how we detest it so. We here at Nasty Malevolent and Evil Incorporate (N.M.E. INC.) are looking for a few up and coming villains to try their hand at taking over this Illustrious city. We will provide you with a hideout and a steady flow of expendable henchmen for you to work with. So come forth and create a little chaos and mayhem on your path to notoriety. Good luck out there and be on the look out for them pesky heroes.

Megacity is a worker management, make your own luck game where you play as a comic villain who is trying to take over Megacity. You will use your villain and your henchmen to pull heists, fight heroes and, attack other villains to rake in the loot and Villainy Points on your way to victory.

On a player’s turn, they will receive a henchman and are able to acquire more up to their current level. They will then manage their hideout and/or acquire the upgrade “Tools of Villainy” cards to become a stronger villain. Finally, they will assign their henchmen and villain to go out and attack the city/other villains to bring in loot and Villainy Points(VP).

Attacks are done by rolling dice. The amount of dice a villain rolls is determined by the amount of henchmen and whether the villain is part of the attack. They roll against the city who have a number of dice they roll depending on its difficulty level. Sometimes heroes will appear and they only roll against the villain not the henchmen. A player can attack another villain’s hideout to which the defender rolls an amount of dice equal to their defense.

When a villain reaches 25 VP, every other villain takes one more turn to get to 25 VP. If no one else does, the villain that did wins. If multiple villains do, they have a villain on villain fight to determine the big boss of Megacity.

-description from designer